What Never Was is awarded an Epic MegaGrant

I am extremely excited to announce that What Never Was has been awarded an Epic Games MegaGrant.

The Epic MegaGrant is a fund that helps developers of games and other projects using the Unreal Engine, in hopes that these projects will succeed.

What this means for me, is that I will have the possibility to make What Never Was: Chapter II live up to my ideas, and hopefully also manage to complete it faster. I am extremely honored, happy and grateful to Epic Games for this, and will be sure to put it to good use.

Worth clarifying is that this does not mean that What Never Was or Chapter II is an EGS exclusive.

Development of What Never Was Chapter II is very much underway. The development has been a bit slow because of a lot of work obligations and the global situation that affects us all, but I'm still steadily working on it. As I mentioned above, the MegaGrant will help me look into different solutions for speeding things up, so it is all very exciting.

I've also updated www.whatneverwas.se to reflect current events.

I hope you are all doing well, staying safe and taking care of each other!
Acke Hallgren

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Congratulations it is well deserved. What never was has been one of my favourite games that I have played in quite a while and looking forward to playing chapter II


Congrats on this, you deserve it!

I love seeing all the cool puzzle/adventure games showing up on itch.io and yours has always been one of the more promising examples here.

My games on matthornb.itch.io have not yet been released but I do have a lot of game assets launched for indie devs and I have done enough game dev work to realize how challenging it can get and how much is involved in making content as good as yours.


I'm glad it won't be an EGS exclusive. Congrats and good luck with Chapter 2. I'll be keeping an eye out for it.


Congratulations, can't wait to see Chapter 2. :)